Tuesday, February 23, 2010

St. Patty's Day Party

Thanks to all of you who always volunteer to bring supplies to the parties!! You guys are great!

5 Apples--Niki
5 Apples--Emily
Small box lime jello--Emily
2 ltr. Sprite--Charisse
2 ltr. Sprite--Heidi
2 limes--Emily

Thanks again!! PS, if you can't leave a comment on this blog, just give me a call!


  1. Yea, you can comment!!! And thanks for the apples. I am happy hannah can come to the party!

  2. You know what! I think I actually have lime jello in my pantry! So sign us up for the jello, plus the 5 apples and 2 limes! Aby will have ful picking them out!

  3. I will bring some Sprite as well.

  4. Thanks Emily, Heidi and Charisse!!!